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FOCUS aims to critically reduce the burden of frailty in Europe by developing methodologies and tools to assist entities focusing on early diagnosis, screening and management of frailty to achieve scalability.
Frailty is a common clinical syndrome in older adults that brings an increased risk for poor health outcomes including falls, incident disability, hospitalization and mortality. 
Prevalence of pre-frail and frail conditions in Europe is high and constitutes major public health prob-lems. On the other hand, stable dependence and decline to dependence status accounts for very high percentages of total healthcare expenditures. Therefore, the need for early diagnosis and management of frailty as contribute to active healthy ageing is a challenge to all European countries.

FOCUS will consolidate the available evidence about screening and interventions for frailty and pre-frailty from the published literature, identify the needs of stakeholders, examine the reality of the commitments in EIPAHA that deal with frailty screening or management, identify possible targets for customised strategies aimed at optimisation and scalability, develop guidelines as a customized ser-vice to aid implementation and optimisation and scalability and build a network representative of Eu-ropean diversity, including a balanced representation of partners in commitments and stakeholders to assure broad dissemination and engagement after the completion of the project.
We invite you to participate by registering with the FOCUS network and contributing to evidence on good practices.


Antonio Cano
Project Coordinator 
On behalf of the Project FOCUS Consortium

More about the project
The FOCUS Consortium brings together a multidisciplinary team of specialists from 10 organizations in 6 countries.
The FOCUS Project is synthesizing existing published evidence on frailty screening and management from around the world.
The FOCUS project is organized in seven work packages. To learn more about the work in progress.